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But I am not a young care-free being anymore. Would I suggest this deck? I want to say no as I truly hate facing it. But the truth is, it is powerful. It beats up on creature decks thanks to one of the best removals in Standard, Reckless Rage. But it has its issues against Nexus and Scapeshift decks.

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It is also bad against mass removals but that is not a prevalent thing in the format right now. The deck has a lot of free wins. I like free wins. Especially in round events that you can afford up to one loss per day. This is a deck that will likely be a top tier option for the remainder of the format. It has all the tools to do so. With the removal suite it plays, it has a naturally good matchup against aggro decks. Apart from that, it can be tuned to beat green Nissa decks if need be, as is this version I posted.

If the addition of Ashiok turns the Scapeshift matchup to a good one, this is the best deck of the format once again. This is the deck I should play, though I really do not want to. First of all, is the deck that punishes mistakes more than any other.

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Esper is a collaboration of very good reactive cards, but nothing is explosive about the deck. Apart from some free win Hero into T3f3ri hands, you actually have to use brain power with this one. Second, I consider the Esper Hero mirror to be random, and not as skill intensive as people think. If the metagame comes back to a bunch of green midrange decks and aggro, this is by far the best choice. But be aware that other people will think the same way and you will be caught in a coin-flippy situation trying to out-Teferi your opponents.

The addition of Drawn from Dreams, Veil of summer and the decline in T3f3ri numbers also help a lot.

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So do the color hosers that are heavily included in the sideboard. I chose to include this version instead of the Reclamation -less, heavy on Nissa one. If you are experienced with the deck, this is a top notch option.

It goes bigger than any other deck ever will and its survivability against aggro is better than ever. As for me, I never gave the deck the respect it is due, mostly because I always pilot deck that have naturally good matchups against it, whether by choice or as a side effect. Well, now that I think of it, I guess that choosing to always have a good Nexus matchup is giving it respect. I would stay away from the deck if this is your first time picking it up, and go for something lighter on the brain.

This is not the hardest deck of all time, but its play patterns require tons of repetition. If what you want to do is do well in ladder, though, this is one of the top options, unless you are stuck facing the Monored train in lower ranks. This is by far my favorite deck right now. The past days have found me piloting it to the top ranks of the Mythic ladder, going for that precious 1. It has eluded me so far, getting as close as top 25, but I will pursue it more until the month ends.

The deck is explosive and has draws that beat any other deck. The deck gets free wins all over the place. Also, the addition of Ashiok in the board, along with 4 Duress ,help against the Scapeshift menace. Disfigure is excellent in the mirror and that is why 4 are included on board.

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Mortify as a 4-of in the main is not something I am convinced about and probably the first card to be cut for something else. Maybe going back to Cast Down is a better option. One thing that troubles me with this deck is the expected number of control decks, specifically Esper Hero in the Mythic Qualifier. I do not hate the matchup, but the outcome depends mostly on their draws. Also, a game 1 Hero of Precinct one is tough to beat. At least you can add disfigures in game 2 to have a better shot, plus their Heroes get a bit worse with the addition of mass removal on their side.

But then again, they add mass removal, the bane of the vampires deck existence, so that is not really an upgrade. That all said, Vampires are my number one option right now for the event. I will look to finely tune this machine and find better sideboard options if they exist. That is my first goal of the testing I have planned for the tourney. Though Monoblue is an old favorite of mine, I do not dare sleeve it up for such an event. Its power was proven in past metagames but it has not proven itself in this one just yet.

The fact that most of you cards do not stand on their own, rather relying on synergy to get more powerful is also a thing my old self would highly value, but not anymore.

Metagame: A Proposal for Collaborative Construction of a Sacred Science

Right now, I value consistency more than anything else in a Magic deck. Businesses and people change, and your metrics need to follow along. Similarly, if one metric is telling a great story of growth, other metrics should be telling variations on that story, ideally ones that are measuring completely different systems or processes. My advice is to do your homework on what moves your system, get feedback, then spend a day or two thinking about utility and exploits. After that, just pick the ones that look best given what you know.

Luckily metrics are a tool made by us, for ourselves. For some more serious treatments about metric setting, from top to bottom, take a look at these alternate sources:. And an interesting framework for working through defining a new metric:. Sign in. Get started. The Metrics Meta-game. Randy Au Follow. Towards Data Science Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes. Startup Data Science Business. I stress about data quality a lot. Formerly bitly, Meetup, primarydotcom.


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Opinions are my own. Towards Data Science Follow. Sharing concepts, ideas, and codes. Write the first response.